Best RV Insurance Companies

The best RV insurance companies have policies that cater specifically to RVs as opposed to being extensions of automobile insurance. Also, the best policies tend to have a much a greater degree of flexibility and have separate schemes for different types of RVs and different levels of RV use. Hence, it is always better to do as much research as possible pertaining to the best insurance scheme and make an informed choice.

Leading RV insurance companies

• RV owners can get a lot of options from Gilbert RV Insurance. They offer coverage of purchase price and replacement costs. You are guaranteed to get a brand new RV of the same size, body and model if your RV is totaled. Once again, if the RV is totaled, you can get the total price paid. Under the full timer policy there are higher liability limits and this is useful if you actually reside in the RV.

• RV America Insurance gives you different options for different kinds of RVs. They work with six RV insurance firms so you can be sure to get coverage that is best suited to your unique situation. Their options include theft, flood, fire, hail, Vandalism, total loss replacement, full time coverage and roadside assistance 24/7. They also offer unlimited towing,

• One of the best names in the industry is Progressive RV Insurance. Their coverage options for RVs are very extensive and include campsite coverage, personal effects coverage and emergency placement so you have somewhere to live while your vehicle is being fixed. Your policy will not only protect your valuables on a trip but also your travelling companions. Their coverage includes motor homes, motor coaches, travel trailers, camper vans and toy haulers.

• Good Sam Club brings us Good Sam RV Insurance a leading provider that offers extended RV warranties and emergency roadside service. They offer full timer coverage, RV replacement, personal effects coverage and coverage for permanently attached items. A. M. Best has given this firm an 'A' rating as it saves RV owners about $312 every year just on RV insurance.

• Twin Peaks Insurance, another leading RV insurance firm offers full timer coverage, vacation liability, tow dolly coverage, lay up coverage, personal effects, emergency vacation expense, roadside labor, disappearing deductible and total loss replacement.

Aspects not covered by most RV insurance companies

Although insurance schemes are expected to offer almost complete coverage, it is important for RV owners to realize that not all damages may be covered, even in the most ideal of insurance schemes. Many good insurance companies tend not to cover damage to the RV caused due to adverse weather. Even the best of insurance schemes will not cover damage caused by personal neglect or damage caused due to intentional actions of any passenger of the RV. When liability coverage and roadside assistance are examined, some insurance companies cover them while others don't. Even amongst the best insurance schemes, there tend to be variations between different companies and the choice of a scheme must be based on individual needs and requirements.