RV Insurance Rates

It is very important for an RV owner to know about RV insurance rates and the different factors that affect it. Since insurance schemes and policies are bound to differ from state to state, it is always better to check prior to purchasing the policy with the insurer about these factors. Certain insurance companies also provide discounts on RV insurance rates to those applicants who qualify. Therefore, several insurance companies encourage RV owners to enquire with the company through their respective websites about any queries that they may have regarding the insurance plan of their interest.

Factors affecting insurance rates for RVs

As stated earlier there are several factors that affect RV insurance rates. One of the most important of these factors is whether you are a full time owner of an RV or someone who uses the RV just for vacations. Those who are full time RV owners usually have higher rates of insurance than those who are just vacationers. The average rate of crime in your neighborhood (or the neighborhood where you park you RV for most of the year) is an important determinant that a lot of insurance companies consider. Another important factor that affects insurance rates is the condition of weather in the area and if that particular area is more prone to catastrophic events. Experience as an RV driver, driving record of the primary driver and even marital status are all factors that may affect RV insurance rates.

Discounts on insurance rates

You may want to check with your policy provider if you are eligible for any discounts on insurance. Generally, drivers who have had no accidents (that they are primarily responsible for) tend to get discounted insurance rates. Other than this, there are also discounts for drivers with immaculate driving records and those drivers who are prompt with their payments of premium. Payment of the premium in full also makes the driver eligible for discounted RV insurance rates. Some policy providers have discounts for drivers who have been the sole owners of their RV. However, since not all insurance companies provide this, you should check with the company before applying for insurance.

Distinction from regular auto insurance

From all the aforementioned points it becomes clear that RV insurance rates differ significantly from regular auto insurance. Conventional automobile insurance policies generally do not offer the full range of services that are offered by specialized RV insurance policies. This is especially true for full time RV owners. In fact, there exists specialist insurance companies that offer insurance for full time RVs and also clubs and that offer significant benefits to members in terms of insurance rates. Even for full time RV owners, there is a great deal of flexibility in RV insurance rates depending on the size of the RV. This level of flexibility would be severely lacking with general vehicular insurance. Therefore, it pays to do a little homework on RV insurance rates before you actually decide on a policy.